Wednesday, December 24, 2008

How the hell did this happen??

The weigh in results are in: down a monumental 3.0 lbs this week!! Holy shit!! That means I've hit my 10% goal and my mini goal of losing 20 lbs by the New Year! Now that's the type of Christmas present I was hoping for! 

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

Monday, December 22, 2008

A Grateful Girl On A Mission...

I just got off the phone with one of my best friends and I was thinking about our conversation... we discussed the usual things girlfriends chat about: family, work, men doing stupid things, and the rapidly approaching holidays. Sure, we use each other to vent, but one thing I love about this friend in particular is the fact that we discuss things that we're thankful for. So what I am thankful for, you may ask? Most of the usual stuff, but some really weird things as well. 

1) My family- we may not be the Cleavers, but there's a lot of love and support in my family, both immediate and extended. I know people who are not as fortunate as I am in the "family department", so I'm thankful for the family that I have. 

2) My friends- I've got a pretty incredible group of friends, even though they don't all know each other. I have childhood friends, work friends, and friends that I've met over the years through others or school. Each one of them is unique in their own way and has certain qualities or characteristics that I love about them. We may not always see eye to eye, but we're always there for each other. 

3) My health- I have been blessed genetically and physically to not have any major health issues. I am not physically or medically limited in any way, which is a gift when I see so many people (including those I love) struggling with illness and limitations. From to depression to cancer, there are so many things to be afflicted with, so I'm thankful that I'm healthy. 

4) My job- In today's economy, there are so many people struggling financially, or those who are out of work. I'm not wealthy by any means, but I can afford to support myself and I have a very stable job with benefits. I'm also fortunate because I love my work and get to support a cause I care about on a daily basis (our right to bear arms). 

5) My previous relationships- I'm not in a relationship right now, but I'm thankful that I'm okay with being single and also for what I've learned from my past relationships. I have had a few shitty boyfriends, but I've also had some really good ones that taught me about myself, and about love in general. My last boyfriend in particular helped me realize how loving yourself helps you love another person. He's still a very close friend of mine and I'm grateful for the lessons he taught me. 

My life is far from perfect. I've got debt, some weight to lose, a few character flaws, and a grandmother in a nursing home. But for the most part, I've been very fortunate. Call it luck, karma, fate, hard work, whatever you want to call it, I've got it pretty good. That's why this Christmas and New Year's will be all the more special, because I'm finally able to appreciate what I have and show my gratitude to those in my life who mean the most. To my fellow bloggers and those who just read, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! And to my Jewish friends, Happy Hanukkah, enjoy your festival of lights! 

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The dumbest commercial ever!!

I know that this has nothing to do with me or my weight loss goals, but I think I have found the dumbest commercial in the entire world- for Sean John's "I Am King" cologne. 

For those of you who are blessed and haven't had to see it, picture P. Diddy (or Puffy, Sean Combs, whatever the hell he's calling himself these days) riding on a jet ski in a tuxedo. Apparently, when you have as much money as P. Diddy, you don't mind ruining a tuxedo by racing through the syringe infested, bacteria laden East River (I think he's actually in Miami, but I like the thought of it being the East River). To make matters worse, Diddy spews ridiculous phrases that he apparently deems to be motivational like "I think, therefore I  am." Not a bad phrase, but it seems a little silly coming from a man riding a jet ski with a tuxedo on. 

My little rant is over, I just want to know if anyone found this commercial as stupid as I did. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Weigh In Results!

This morning's weigh in went much better than I was expecting it to..... I was down 1.6 lbs for a total of 17.4 lbs lost! That means not only did I hit my 10% goal, but I'm also only 2.6 lbs away from my mini goal of losing 20 lbs by the New Year! I'm hoping that I can lose that 2.6 lbs by my next weigh in, but I still have two weeks to lose it (or 1.3 lbs per week) which is much more realistic. Just wanted to check in and let everyone know how it went, and has anyone hear from Nathan? Check in with me Nathan, I want to know how you're doing!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Spice it up!

I have a new food obsession..... salsa! I've always loved spicy food, but lately I've been wanting spicy food all the time. Since Mexican food isn't very figure friendly, I bought a large container of salsa from my favorite Mexican restaurant. I've been putting it on everything.... scrambled eggs, baked potatoes, using it as salad dressing and eating it with high fiber tortilla chips. The best part is that it's 0 points, and it really hits the spot when I want to eat something full of flavor. To me, eating bland food is like eating nothing at all... you're still hungry after you eat because your food didn't satisfy you in terms of taste. For me, salsa is a great way to satisfy that need for flavorful food. Plus, I'm buying it fresh since my favorite Mexican place makes it daily. That means no added preservatives, sodium or other nasty stuff. 

I've got weigh in tomorrow, and quite frankly I'm not looking forward to it. Even though the scale was looking great a few days ago, I think that I took that as a sign to start eating. I went out to dinner Sunday night and Monday night and didn't make stellar food choices. I also had a work related Christmas luncheon at P.F. Chang's today..... it's like giving Superman some Kryptonite. My boss always orders appetizers for us, so I went with one lettuce wrap which is very low in points. But then the spring rolls were staring at me, so I had half of one. For my entree I had the lunch portion of the shrimp with lobster sauce and brown rice, accompanied by egg drop soup. All very "points friendly." So I'm not doing too bad, right? WRONG. My boss also makes us order dessert, so rather than getting a full sized piece of chocolate cake, I got the mini-shooter style chocolate cake dessert. More than I wanted to eat, but I committed the cardinal sin of not eating breakfast this morning and felt more hungry than usual. 

So dinner ended up being a baked potato with spray butter, light sour cream, reduced fat cheese and of course, salsa. Hopefully I'll get some sleep tonight, but between nerves about starting my new job tomorrow and drinking about 3 gallons of water today, who knows! 

Monday, December 15, 2008

A Love Rekindled

My Mom and I have a lot of things is common, but one of the things that we bond over the most is shopping. We've always had a great time trekking through the mall and browsing our favorite clothing stores. My Mom has always been my faithful shopping sidekick, grabbing things that might look good, picking coordinating pieces, running to get another size/color, and most importantly, telling me whether or not things looked good on me. When I was thin, there was rarely an issue when it came to trying on clothes. I knew which styles and sizes were best for me and Mom rarely had a critical remark. I loved shopping for clothes because I could always find something I liked. 

However, as slowly gained weight, I found myself liking clothes shopping less and less. I was hearing my mother say thing like "You're going to need the next size up" or "That's not very flattering" more and more frequently and I would be lying if I said that it didn't break my spirit. I wasn't upset that my Mom was criticizing me, she was just being honest. I was upset that the additional weight I had gained had begun to hinder me and took joy out of simple things that I loved to do. I would snap at my mother for her comments and leave stores angry because I had to buy yet another size larger. My usual size 6 had become a size 10, and then suddenly a 12. That was when I knew I needed to make a change. 

3 months and nearly 20 lbs later, I've got my love of shopping back. Today my Mom and I were able to spend the day together shopping, laughing and most importantly enjoying each others' company. She didn't have to make critical remarks, and I didn't have to snap at her because of my insecurity. I had been waiting until this point (my halfway point) to buy clothes because most of my old stuff is too big. I can't wait to reach goal so I can go shopping again and share that special moment with my Mom. 

Sunday, December 14, 2008


This upcoming week is going to be very busy, but should be promising. I start my new position at work on Wednesday, which will be bittersweet for me. I'm excited for new challenges and opportunities, but I'll miss the people I worked with. The good news is that I'm only 2 floors and a short elevator ride away :) 

The change I'm really happy about is the number on the scale! I weigh myself every morning and every night because I don't like surprises. At lot of people say it's bad to weigh yourself everyday, but it helps keep me motivated so I'm not stopping anytime soon. Part of the reason why I gained this weight that I'm losing is because I didn't weigh myself for months and never got "scale shock." What I'm really excited about is that I've finally hit my 10% goal and I'm only 1.8 lbs away from my mini goal of losing 20 lbs by the New Year. Do I dare resurrect my previous goal of losing 25 lbs by 2009?? I think I'll have to wait for the official weigh in results on Wednesday to make that decision. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I'm off to get ready and go wine tasting with my wineaux partner in crime, Mary!  

Thursday, December 11, 2008

You be the Judge

As I've mentioned several times before, I did not grow up fat. I don't have any horror stories about being teased as a child, being picked last for dodgeball or having to sit alone at lunch. I've always had a smaller build and was gifted athletically, thus never living a very sedentary life. I hear a lot of my WW blogger and online friends talking about people who judge them for being overweight. I have to admit, I have always been one of the those people. I still am to some extent.

I was the kid in school who didn't want to be friends with the fat girl or boy. I would stuff my Hostess cupcakes in my cheeks and make faces at them. I'd be the first one to complain when the fat kid had to be on my team in gym class and I'd laugh at them when I lapped them during a mile run. I wasn't necessarily a cruel child, I was just going along with the perceptions of society. My parents didn't raise me to make fun of overweight people, but they did raise me to believe that a proper diet and exercise made you a healthier person. Still, I came to see fat people as lazy, unmotivated and unhappy.

When I put on weight, I did it so slowly that I barely noticed it was happening. The gradual gains barely registered with me because I thought gaining a little bit of weight was normal for a girl in her 20's. I wasn't an athlete anymore, my metabolism was slowing down, and gaining a little weight was just a fact of life. WRONG. By the time I noticed that I was not as thin as I used to be, I knew that my choices had made me gain weight, not facts of life. A lack of exercise and consumption of high calorie food was to blame, and I realized that if I didn't get myself back on track, I would soon become the type of person that I had always judged. I used to roll my eyes at women in the dressing room who would stuff themselves into clothes that were to small and now I was afraid that I was that woman.

After being on the plan for 12 weeks and losing 16 lbs and countless inches, I'm glad I didn't become the stereotypical fat girl that I had always judged. Do I still judge people? To be honest, yes. But now I judge them on whether or not they are taking the steps to change their lives. I respect and applaud those who have taken control of their weight in a healthy and responsible way. But I still feel sorry for the people I see that have weight and health problems spiraling out of control. So many people have been an inspiration to me, and I urge people with weight and health problems to just take the first step towards a new life. That first step could lead you to becoming the person you always knew you could be, but never had the courage to become.....

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Attention Pizza Lovers....

While browsing the supermarket with my handy Points Calculators the other day, I was aimlessly wandering near the frozen pizza, mourning the loss of yet another food I used to enjoy.... 

But then I saw Kashi's frozen pizza, specifically the Mushroom Trio & Spinach. The picture on the box looked delicious and with "14g of Protein and 4g of Fiber" on the packaging, I knew I had to check out the nutritional information and find the points value. For 1/3 of the pizza (one serving), it's only 5 points! That's right folks, only 5 points for a generous portion! I bought it, thinking to myself, It must be too good to be true... I bet it tastes like cardboard. 

After a long day at work, tutoring two students and a great weigh in, I felt like I was ready for a reward and decided that tonight would be a great time to try the Kashi pizza. I placed it in the oven, watching the crust rise and the cheese melt, just like it looked on the box. When it was ready I immediately cut it into thirds and put away the 2/3rds that I wouldn't be eating. I finally bit into my pizza and couldn't have been more surprised! Not only did the pizza  look good, but it tasted good and was actually fit into my food plan! It totally satisfied my pizza craving and made a very filling meal with a side of mixed veggies. If you love pizza, this is one brand that you've got to check out!

Great Weigh In!

I was down 2.4 lbs at weigh in today! I'm so happy to lose what I've gained over the past 2 weeks plus an additional 0.6 lbs! My mini-goal is to hit my 10% next week (I have to lose another 1.2 lbs) and my next goal was to lose a total of 25 by the New Year (which means 9.2 lbs to lose in 3 weeks, or 3 lbs per week). My first New Year's goal is probably a bit of a stretch, so I'm modifying my goal to 20 lbs total lost by New Year's (4.2 lbs in 3 weeks, or 1.4 lbs a week) which is a much more manageable goal. I was a little disappointed because I really wanted to break into the 150's this week and hit my 10% goal, but 2.4 lbs is a significant loss for a person of my weight and height (5'5 and 160.2), so I'll take it!

I want to thank everyone who reads and follows this blog for all of your help and support, especially my Mom who is a Lifetime member of WW and offers me so much advice and encouragement! My friends have also be incredibly supportive, whether it's staying in the office to eat lunch with me so I'm not tempted or meeting me at the gym to work out. Each week brings new and exciting challenges, and I'm determined to keep losing, toning up and reaching my goal!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A pretty awesome day

So today was a great day for a variety of reasons, but it was a great day for my weight loss goals too. Not only did I eat some really delicious food, but I stayed within my points value, got in an ass-kicking workout and loved the numbers I saw on the scale! So here is the menu for today:

-2 Van's waffles (2 points for 2 waffles, you've got to get them!) 
-reduced calorie pancake syrup
-light butter
-red grapefruit
-fat free milk 

AM Snack:
-reduced fat cheese stick 

-Leftover Shrimp and Vegetables with garlic sauce
-brown rice 
-sugar free pudding 
-Diet Dr Pepper 

PM Snack:
-Kashi Cereal bar 

-Salad from Chipotle with lettuce, black beans, mild salsa, corn salsa and cheese (no dressing)

I've got weigh in tomorrow, so send skinny vibes my way!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Yet another holiday party....

'Tis the season to be..... EATING, DRINKING and generally putting things in your body that shouldn't be there. I am determined to not go overboard at yet another holiday party at work. Thankfully there will be no alcohol at this one, but there will be sugary punch. I'm going to bring my own water to keep from drinking a day's worth of points. I've also eaten a pretty filling lunch and I have my own snacks on hand should I feel the need to eat (string cheese and orange slices). However, I know that there will be a fruit tray and veggie platter so I'll have some safe choices! I'll be back in the gym tonight too for my usual cardio and light weights. Here's the meal plan for the day:

-3 slices turkey bacon
-light multi-grain English muffin with sugar free blackberry jam
-1 cup fat free milk

AM Snack:
-1 cup red grapefruit
-small banana

-turkey and reduced fat provolone on a pumpernickel wrap with fat free mayo & dijon mustard
-1 1/3 cup steamed green beans
-small apple
-sugar free jello pudding
-Diet Dr. Pepper

PM Snack:
-orange slices
-reduced fat string cheese

-Shrimp & vegetable stir-fry with garlic sauce
-1 cup brown rice

-sugar free jello

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weekend successes

During my last post, I wrote about trying to keep a Friday morning bagel from setting a dangerous chain of eating events into motion. So how did I do? Pretty darn good, actually. At the Christmas party complete with open bar, appetizers and buffet, I had 2 beers during the cocktail hour and no appetizers. When we went in for dinner, I had one more beer and ate salad with balsamic vinaigrette, mixed vegetables, wild rice and 1/8 cup mashed potatoes. I also passed on the dessert afterwards. When I got home later that night, I ate the dinner I had already planned out (high fiber pasta with ground turkey meat sauce). 

Yesterday I had a business meeting all day which we were having catered for breakfast with muffins, bagels, turnovers and donuts, followed a lunch of lasagna and garlic bread. Since it was held in our office, I brought my breakfast and lunch like I do most days- oatmeal for breakfast, orange slices for a morning snack, leftover pasta and veggies for lunch, and an apple for my afternoon snack. I never touched the catered food! When we took our visitors out for dinner last night I did get a pasta dish but didn't finish and passed on the appetizers. It's a small success, but it's nice to have my will power back after last weekend. I stepped on the scale this morning and was delighted to see that I've dropped into the 150's!! I'm hoping that I can keep the ball rolling until weigh in on Wednesday! For now, I'm off to the gym! 

Friday, December 5, 2008

Trying not to let my morning get the best of me....

This is an unusual Friday for me. First of all, I was tasked with getting breakfast foods and beverages for up to 15 people ready at work by 8:00. Normally I don't have to be to work until 8:30, but this a group of VIPs were coming to the building and we wanted to have a nice little spread for them. That meant I had to go to Panera for 1 1/2 dozen bagels and cream cheese this morning and then to the grocery store to pick up OJ, muffins, turnovers and a fruit platter. I got into the office, set everything up and then......... nothing. Everyone was going to be late, and I would be left alone with all of this food. I had my Kashi Cereal Bar for breakfast and my glass of fat free milk, but by 9:00 those bagels were looking mighty tasty and I ate one, laden with cream cheese. Keep in mind that I will still earn 8 activity points at the gym tonight to make up for my bagel mistake, but I was still disappointed in myself for eating it. Oh well, the deed is done, time to move on to my next hurdle for the day.....

The dreaded company Christmas party with an open bar!!!

That's right, at noon we will begin the great migration to the beautiful Waterford events center where I will spend a few hours with an open bar, appetizers and a buffet. I've promised myself that I will have just one beer (light, of course) and only eat salad and vegetables at the buffet. Absolutely no mashed potatoes, bread & butter or dessert!!! We'll see how well I do, but I feel a mountain of temptation coming. Reason #468 to hate the Holiday season!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Losing Momentum... the Momentum Plan!

As many of you may be aware, Weight Watchers has debuted their new "Momentum Plan." Gone are the days of Flex and Core because WW has rolled them into this new and not-so-improved plan. In case you couldn't tell, I'm neither pleased nor impressed with this change. You have to track your hunger and your activity points don't come into play until you've used up all your weekly flex points. I find this to be counter productive. You can't tell me that if I run my ass off on Monday and earn 8 activity points, I can eat those activity points later in the week and still lose weight?? I'm calling bullshit on that one. I was doing just fine on the flex plan, earning my activity points and not dipping into my weekly flex points unless absolutely necessary.

Here is the reality of weight loss, regardless of whatever plan your on:

1) A reduced calorie diet low in fat and high in fiber will aid in weight loss. By eating the proper foods in the proper portions, you can shred pounds. And we all know that you shouldn't eat when your not hungry.

2) Exercises, specifically a combination of cardio-vascular work and resistance/strength training, will aid in weight loss.

3) The two aforementioned factors combined will maximize weight loss. BUT ONLY IF YOU REALLY DO IT!!!

In one of his previous posts, Tony P. (aka AntiJared) mentioned how ridiculous it was when his leader talked about hula-hooping as a form of exercises and I was laughing right along with him. GET REAL PEOPLE!! A hula hoop will not get you into size 4 pants. Neither will 20 minutes of gardening or 40 minutes of vacuuming. Get your ass on a treadmill or elliptical machine for at least 30 minutes 4 times a week. You don't have to run, just move for Christ's sake. Suggesting that the hula hoop is an adequate form of exercises is almost insulting to those of us who exercises religiously.

But back to the diet- I see a lot of people in my WW meetings that should be losing 4-5 lbs a week IF THEY WERE ACTUALLY FOLLOWING THE PLAN. I've gained the last two weeks. Part of the has to do with Mother Nature's monthly visit, the other with the fact that I didn't stay on plan. Before that, I had been losing consistently thanks to the plan and exercises. I'm tired of going to meetings and having old, bitter and jealous fat women glare at me because I followed the directions and lost weight. I wasn't what society would consider "fat" when I started WW, so I immediately was subject to the "Why are you here?" and "You don't need to lose weight!" comments. The feelings of animosity only increased as I continued to lose.

My main point is that if you use common sense and follow the plan, you will lose weight. No cheating, no excuses, no slacking- just do it and you will lose! The Momentum Plan is new and I don't have all the details yet, but I not convinced that this change is for the better. For now, I'm sticking to my Flex Plan, making good food choices and literally exercising my ass off!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

On a roll.....

It never ceases to amaze me how much a few days of staying on plan and working out can make you feel like a different person. I've been struggling with PMS and ridiculous amounts of bitchiness this week so throwing myself into meal planning and the gym has been my saving grace. I would to publicly thank Pamela and Nathan for their Marie Antoinette nominations! The world of blogging has provided me with a whole new support system for meeting my goals and I'm so thankful for them and their encouragement and inspiration. 

Last night I was in the gym for an hour with 30 minutes on the arc trainer, 15 minutes on the stationary bike and 15 minutes of ab work. Tonight I had another personal training session with Curtis and did a lot of chest, back and arm work so I'm guessing that I'll be very sore tomorrow! I'm still pretty confident that I'll either gain a little or maintain at weigh in tomorrow because of my over-indulgent holiday weekend. Today was a great food day for me, so here's the meal plan:

-Egg white omelet with diced peppers and reduced fat cheese
-3 slices turkey bacon 
-1 cup fat free milk 
-tea with Splenda and fat free milk 

AM Snack:
-Orange slices 
-tea w/ Splenda 

-Leftover Creamy Chicken w/ Mushrooms
-green salad with light Caesar dressing 
-1 cup strawberries
-sugar free Jello pudding
-Diet Dr Pepper

PM Snack:
-2 hard boiled egg whites 

-High fiber pasta with ground turkey spaghetti sauce 
-whole wheat English muffin with light butter

-sugar free Black Cherry jello 

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Post-Holiday Fall Out

Usually the holidays aren't a time of too much temptation for me.... being a picky eater, I'm not a big fan of too much of the traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas food. My problem this year was all the times I went out to eat in the days after Thanksgiving. I am by no means blaming my family and friends because I made the decision to go and what to eat, but I can admit that I didn't make the wisest choices and I'm paying for it now. The day after Thanksgiving, I went out to lunch with my parents to a Mexican restaurant and had vegetable fajitas. Not a bad choice, right? But I negated that good choice by adding copious amounts of chips and queso dip. Friday night I went out with friends to our favorite Chinese place. I could have made good choices, but instead I had two fruity, sugar-laden cocktails, three crab rangoons and and order of General Tso's Shrimp (fried). Now I didn't eat my entire entree, but steamed vegetables and egg drop soup would have been a more prudent choice. On Saturday I went out to dinner with my parents at Ruby Tuesday and had a cheeseburger. I only ate half of it and a few fries, but still could have done better with the salad bar. On Sunday night we went out to dinner again, this time to a different Mexican restaurant where I had cheese enchiladas and lots of tortilla chips. Eating out at restaurants is my downfall, mainly because I see it as a treat, something where I should be able to eat whatever I want. Despite all of this food, I've managed to maintain my current weight and not gain. I'm hoping that in these three days before my weigh in, I can staying on plan and redeem my evil deeds from the past week. I'll be in the gym every night working it off, so wish me luck! Here's the meal plan for the day to keep me accountable:

-1 cup grapefruit
-1 light English muffin with light butter
-1 cup fat free milk
-1 cup of tea with Splenda and fat free milk

AM Snack:
-got busy and didn't get to eat it

-Smart Ones Fettuccine Alfredo & Broccoli
-Green salad with light dressing
-Diet Dr Pepper

PM Snack (Pre-Gym):
-1 orange
-2 hard boiled egg whites

PM Snack (Post-Gym):
-Kashi Granola Bar

-Creamy Chicken and Mushrooms (I'll post the recipe tomorrow)
-brown rice
-steamed veggies

-sugar free Jello pudding

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Good News and the Bad News.....

I'll start with the good news: Working out with Curtis, my trainer, was great last night. I wanted him to really kick my ass and he sure did! His work out was fun but tough and didn't involve a single weight machine. My legs felt like Jello at the end of the session thanks to lots of squats and balance exercises. In my opinion, there are few things that are better than the feeling you have at then end of a great workout. It's exhaustion in the best sense of the word......

Now on to the bad news: I stepped on the scale this morning for my "Pre Weigh In" weigh in (so that there are no nasty surprises) and was up 0.2 lbs from last week. I knew that I would gain a little or at least maintain my weight from last week thanks to Mother Nature's monthly visit and all the glorious water retention that goes with it (ladies, you know what I mean). I'm sure the cheeseburger splurge at lunch yesterday didn't help either, but that boot camp work out last night may have been my cheeseburger saving grace. A slight gain isn't really what disappoints me (I haven't gained since Week 1), it's the fact that I didn't reach my mini-goal of reaching my 10% loss by Thanksgiving. I'm so close I can taste it, but with new resolve I am determined to get there next week and move on to my next goal of losing 25 lbs total by Christmas. Thankfully my picky eating helps with Holiday meals since I've never really been a big fan of Thanksgiving and Christmas food, but we'll see if a renewed spirit and Curtis' boot camp workouts can get me there! I'll check back in later with the official results of weigh-in.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why I am excited to get my ass kicked??

I'm meeting with my trainer, Curtis, tonight for our first workout after my initial consultation and I'm really looking forward to it. I've worked out with a trainer before and had success, but my first trainer was into bodybuilding and I ended up looking a little "bulky" in the arms and shoulders if you know what I mean..... Curtis seems to have a good game plan for helping me strengthen and tone without looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I really hope that he has a plan in store that is going to really push and challenge me. I've got the diet part down, now I really need a great workout to maximize my results and jump start my weight loss.

I've got weigh in tomorrow, but to be truthful, I don't think it's going to go well. I'll either have a slight gain or maintain my current weight thanks to Mother Nature's monthly visit (gotta love retaining water, right ladies?). I also splurged on a lunch outing with coworkers today and got a cheeseburger and fries (Hey, when I'm bitchy, it's best to just let me eat it! :) I'll check back in tomorrow with the results of training session #1 along with the results of my week 10 weigh in. I have a feeling I'm not going to meet my "10% by Thanksgiving" goal........

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Slow Cooker Spicy Three Bean Chili

I made a great chili tonight that warms you up on cold winter nights and keeps you full. It's low in points (only 5 per serving) and works for those of you on the core plan too. Best of all, it's really cheap and easy to make. I put mine in the crock pot and just let it cook. You can add ground beef, ground turkey and any of your favorite beans, vegetables or spices to make it your own. 

Slow Cooker Spicy Three Bean Chili:
-1 28 oz  can crushed tomatoes
-1 15 oz can diced tomatoes
- 1 15 oz can kidney beans, rinsed
-1 15 oz can white beans, rinsed 
-1 15 oz can black beans, rinsed 
-1 medium onion, diced 
-4 cloves garlic, finely chopped 
-2 tbsp chili powder 
-1 tbsp ground cumin 
-1/4 to 1/2 tbsp cayenne powder 
-3 cups water 

Mix all ingredients together in crock pot and cook either on low for 8 hours or on high for 4. Add seasonings to taste, especially if you don't like your chili too spicy. If you like your chili a little thicker add only 2 cups of water. Makes about 6 scant 2 cup servings. Great with chives, fat free sour cream or some reduced fat shredded cheddar. 

Meal Planning for the week

When I got up this morning and made breakfast, I started looking through the fridge and cabinets to decide what my meals were going to be for the week. I had plenty of basics work with like high fiber pasta, spaghetti sauce, ground turkey, frozen vegetables, chicken, and rice. So, here are some of the meals I came up with based on what's in my pantry and fridge:

-Spaghetti with ground turkey sauce
-Creamy chicken & mushrooms
-Vegetable stir fry with rice 

I've got plenty of soups and Smart Ones frozen meals for lunches, so all I'll really need from the store is produce and bottled water. 

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Getting my butt in gear....

I had a great time at the gym last night with my friend Christina and got in my interval training on the treadmill. The more I run, the more I remember how much I used to like it when I ran cross country in high school. I also met with my trainer, Curtis for the first time who is going to get me on a weight and resistance training plan to really tone up and lean out. I have the ability to get very muscular arms, shoulders and thighs, so he's going to help me get on a plan to strengthen and tone my body without looking like a female bodybuilder... not pretty in my opinion. Tonight I'm going to get in 25 minutes of interval training on the treadmill and then do a 20 minute upper body and ab circuit followed by LOTS of stretching.....

Here's the meal plan for today:

-1/2 cup All Whites scrambled egg whites
-Weight Watchers English muffin with 1 tsp light butter
-1 cup fat free milk

AM Snack:
-Was supposed to be an apple, but I got busy and couldn't eat it

-Three mushroom soup
-Lemon-garlic shrimp with vegetables and 1 cup brown rice
-1 cup strawberries
-Diet Dr Pepper

Pre Workout Snack:
-2 hard boiled egg whites

-Gorton's Lemon-butter fish filet
-green salad with light dressing
-Weight Watchers English Muffin

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Weigh In Excitements and Disappointments

This week's weigh in was bittersweet for me. The great news is that I lost exactly 2 lbs, which is a good loss for a person my height and weight (the less you weigh, the slower it comes off). I should be happy, right?? For some reason, I can't help but feel disappointed for not losing more. I'm so close to my 10% goal (only 1.8 lbs away) that I can smell it and my goal was to be at my 10% by Thanksgiving. I've still got a week to lose that 1.8 lbs, but for some reason I really wanted it to be this week.

I read this guy's blog last night, and I could totally relate to the way he's feeling. I have the "never enough" attitude in life towards a lot of different things, but I've really been feeling this way when it comes to weight loss. I keep hearing the "It's a marathon, not a sprint" sentiments, but I feel like telling people to stop feeding me lines of bullshit. I just need to realize that when you have less to lose, you're not going to drop 4 and 5 lbs a week (at least not in a healthy way). What I've lost so far is an accomplishment and I just need to own it and be proud of myself......

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Delicious new meal....

First of all, I have to start by singing the praises of Eating Well for their delicious, healthy and easy meals. Last night's Lemon-Garlic Shrimp and Vegetables recipe was no exception. If you like shrimp scampi, this is the recipe for you......I made brown rice to serve it with and I couldn't believe how delicious and filling it was! I always try to look for meals that are well-rounded with protein, carbs and of course vegetables which can be hard since I don't eat a lot of meat. Even though this recipe is amazing as is, you could easily substitute your favorite vegetables in place of the red pepper and asparagus or replace the shrimp with chicken or beef for those who don't like or are allergic to shellfish. The best part of this recipe was that it made 4 servings, so I had three meals leftover when dinner was done, taking care of lunch today, dinner tomorrow and lunch on Thursday!

I've got weigh in tomorrow and I'm very excited because I've been peeking at my scale all week to check my progress. I have to admit, I can't stay away from the scale and I weigh myself every morning and night.... it helps keep me accountable. I had both an SV (scale victory) and NSV (non-scale victory) this morning because I was only 0.8 lbs away from my 10% goal and my pants are definitely too big, so I can't wait to see the official results of my weigh in tomorrow. There is something very therapeutic about recording the amount of weight you've lost.........

Monday, November 17, 2008

Saving Time & Money While Shrinking

I've been pretty successful since starting my weight loss plan almost 9 weeks ago, with no gains since Week 1 and fairly normal losses each week given my age, height and starting weight. One of the things that I directly attribute my success to is planning my meals for the week. It saves me time, money and helps me keep losing. I know I've touched on this several times before, but I wanted to be a little bit more specific as to how I actually go about it...

1. Look at your budget. How much can you afford to spend on groceries each week? I give myself anywhere between $30 and $50 a week to spend on groceries depending on what "main supplies" I have in the pantry and fridge. If you need to, take out cash before you go grocery shopping so you don't overbuy.

2. Sit down and plan out your meals and snacks. I actually use an Excel spreadsheet to help me plan everything out, including my point values. I typically plan my meals for the following week on weekends or Mondays since that's when I go grocery shopping. I take some of my "old standby" meals, personal favorites, and new recipes I'd like to try into consideration before getting started, as well as what food I have that I need to use. It's important to keep variety in your diet, but also choose meals that are quick, easy and tasty. Try to pick meals that you can cook once and use for left overs during the week.

3. Once I know what I plan on eating, I look at what I have in the fridge and pantry and then make my grocery list. I only write down what I need to buy to make my meals for that week. When you make a list, STICK TO IT. This way your cart doesn't fill up with bad choices and your wallet can breathe easy. Lots of grocery stores offer some type of savings card to help you save money, but remember that these "bonus buys" and coupons can be a trap- they get you to buy things you don't need because it seems like a great deal. What's cheaper than buying one mustard and getting one free? Not buying the mustard in the first place.

4. When you get home from the grocery store, prep your food. Wash and chop your fruit and vegetables and put them into portions. Take your meat and portion it out, placing some in the freezer if necessary. This keeps you from overeating and saves on prep time throughout the week. I pay more for some timesaver foods like diced onion. My knife skills aren't great, so buying a bag of pre-diced onion is well worth it for me and I can always freeze what I don't use.

5. Get to cooking. Being single, I'll make a recipe that serves 4 but immediately portion it out when I'm done cooking. I've already made my dinner, but now I have three other meals that just need to be nuked. Plus, I can't go back for seconds. That's stretching a buck and your time- who doesn't love that?

We all love convenience and having a little extra cash left over and this is a great way to accomplish both while cooking healthy meals that help you reach your goals. Weight loss is about re-training yourself in terms of your thinking and your habits. Once you start cooking and shopping this way, it quickly becomes a way of life. So do yourself a favor and save time, money and shrink your waistline. Now you'll have more cash to save and more time to get in the gym!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The joys of Breakfast....

I have to admit, for most of my life I was not a big breakfast person. It was a meal I usually skipped, especially when I was in school. To me, breakfast was a caffeinated soda or a glass of OJ.... no food required. 

Since being on the plan, I've really learned to love breakfast. My eyes were opened to many foods I never knew I loved like oatmeal, egg whites, grapefruit and turkey bacon. Before I went to the gym this morning, I had a packet of low sugar oatmeal (made with water) and 2 scrambled egg whites so that I would have something to fuel my workout. After my workout I came home and made an egg white omelet with onion, red pepper, mushrooms and reduced fat cheese with 3 slices of turkey bacon and a glass of fat free milk. I had plenty of energy to get through my workout and my "second" breakfast left me full and satisfied. The best part? I could eat all of that food (pre and post workout meals) for only 9 points!

That leaves me with 17 points left for the day, including the 3 activity points I earned this morning at the gym. I'm going wine tasting with a friend this afternoon, so I've already decided on just 2 glasses of wine and no cheese & crackers!! Lunch will be a turkey sandwich with tomato soup and dinner will be leftover Mexican casserole and a salad. 

Friday, November 14, 2008

Skinny Jeans

About a month ago I bought a pair of "skinny jeans" (ones that are tapered like leggings) to wear inside my boots at Ann Taylor. I bought them in a size 8 and then had them professionally tailored from the knee down to make the legs even more tapered so that they would fit in my boots. I was so excited when I picked them up from the tailor the other day because I've lost enough to fit in them comfortably. I've been looking forward to wearing them all week and when I put them on this morning, I couldn't believe how great they looked and felt! I was so happy to fit into single pants again!

I was always the skinny girl who wore size 4 and 6 and didn't start wearing size 8 pants until college. Even after college, I remained a size 6 or 8 until about a year ago when I realized I had to buy size 10 pants. I almost cried the first time I had to buy them and I was devastated when I had to increase to a size 12 about 6 months ago. I started my weight loss at a size 12 and in just 8 weeks I'm back down to an 8. While my ideal size is still a 6 or a 4, I'm seeing my body get back to what it once was. Only wanting to lose 41 lbs, my loss of 13.2 lbs so far has been very noticable and I can't wait to "reunite" with my old figure. Now I can't wait to go to the gym tonight and hit that treadmill!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Vitamins and Supplements

A lot have people have asked me about what type of vitamins and supplements I take and I've done a lot of research into what I should be taking. Now I'm by no means a doctor, pharmacist, licensed nutritionist or "qualified" to tell anyone what to take, but I thought that by sharing what I take, someone else might be inspired to look into choosing the right supplements and vitamins for their body and lifestyle.

As a 24 year old woman in excellent health, I'm mainly concerned with things that can improve my weight, my mood, my immune system and my overall health. So here's my daily run down that I take with my dinner.

Women's Daily Multivitamin- it's got all the good stuff in it that I need like vitamins A, C, E, and B12. I used to never take a multivitamin, but I swear I felt a difference after taking them for a few weeks!

Omega-3 formula- this contains fish, flax and borage oil which will give you your Omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. These fatty acids are good for your heart and have been linked to cancer prevention. In terms of weight loss, Omega-3 has been linked to increased metabolic rates and increases in fat loss. Foods like salmon, tuna, flax seed and canola oil are all good natural sources of Omega-3.

B Complex- This contains extra Vitamin B1, B2, and B6 which aids your metabolism as it helps your body convert food into energy. The brand I take also has an extra 300mg of Vitamin C to boost my immune system.

What hasn't worked for me is diet pills like SlimQuick that contain stimulants which jack up your blood pressure, curb your appetite and most importantly DON'T PROMOTE A LIFESTYLE CHANGE. The leave you jittery, edgy and hungry at the end of the day. Vitamins and supplements can easily be added to any sensible diet and exercise regimen for a total lifestyle change. As you age and your body changes, so should your supplements and vitamins.

Daily Menu 11/13/08

Last night's Mexican casserole was delicious and I can't wait to have it again for lunch today! Here's the rest of the food game plan:

-2 egg omelet with 1/8 cup shredded reduced fat cheese, onions and red pepper
-2 slices whole grain white toast w/ light butter
-tea with Splenda and fat free milk

AM Snack:

-Mexican casserole
-green salad with fat free dressing
-Caffeine free Diet Dr. Pepper

PM Snack:
-Light & Fit yogurt

-Gorton's Lemon butter fish filet
-steamed zucchini & yellow squash
-1 serving Smart Taste Pasta

Workout: 1 hour of Pilates

-Sugar free mixed fruit jello
-tea with Splenda & fat free milk

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mexican Casserole Recipe

So I have to admit, I ripped this recipe off from's Chilaquiles Casserole Recipe. I have a slight obsession with Mexican food, specifically enchiladas. If it were socially acceptable to drink enchilada sauce, I just might do it.....

But really, here's the recipe with a few tweaks and I find it hits the spot when I want some enchilada goodness. It's high in fiber, has lots of veggies and doesn't taste low fat. I eat it with a side salad and some Baked Tostitos and salsa, but it would also be great with a side of refried beans or Spanish rice! Plus, this makes enough servings that I can eat it for a few days and it only tastes better because the sauce has really been absorbed by the veggies and tortillas! You can also add some chicken or ground beef/turkey if you need the extra protein.

Mexican Casserole Recipe- Makes roughly 5 servings with 5 points per serving (yes, only 5!)

1/2 tablespoon olive oil
1 1/2 cups onion, diced
1 cup zucchini, grated
1/2 can black beans, rinsed
1/2 can diced tomatoes, drained (you could use Rotel for an extra kick)
1 cup corn, fresh or thawed
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
6 corn tortillas, quartered
1/2 can red enchilada sauce (I use Old El Paso Medium)
1 1/4 cup shredded reduced fat cheddar or Mexican cheese

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Lightly coat a baking dish with cooking spray. Heat oil in a skillet over medium-high heat and add onion. Cook til soft and brown, stirring often (about 5 minutes). Stir in zucchini, beans, tomatoes, corn, salt and garlic powder. Cook til heated through, stirring often (about 3 minutes). Place half of the tortillas in the bottom of the baking dish and top with half the vegetable mixture, half the sauce and half the cheese. Repeat with another layer with remaining tortillas, sauce and cheese and cover with foil. Bake for 15 minutes, then remove foil and continue baking uncovered for another 5-10 minutes or until bubbly and cheese is melted. You can also assemble this ahead of time and refrigerate for up to a day before baking for a quick and easy meal. Enjoy!


Another Good Week!

I just came back from weigh in a little while ago and was down another 1.4 lbs for a total loss of 13.2 lbs! My goal was to lose 1.7 lbs, but 1.4 is good enough for me! I'm still right on track to hit my 10% target weight by Thanksgiving with 3.8 lbs to lose in the next two weeks (or 1.9 lbs each week for the next two weeks).

I've really got buckle down and follow the plan to a tee to make sure that I stay on track with my weight loss goals. Some people say it's not good to set "lose by" dates, but it works for me! It gives me something short-term to work towards and these mini-goals give me motivation to reach my next benchmark.

Here's my menu for today:

-Tea with Splenda & fat free milk (no breakfast on weigh in days)

-2 oz turkey breast with 1 slice havarti on whole grain white with fat free mayo, dijon mustard, 1 slice tomato and pickle
-1 serving Baked Lays
-Diet Dr. Pepper

-1 cup sliced strawberries

-Mexican casserole (I'll post the recipe soon)
-Green salad with fat free dressing

Either sugar free jello or pudding

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just found a great product...

I was born on Long Island and lived there for 8 years, so seafood has always been a huge part of my life, even after moving to Virginia. I've never been a big chicken or red meat person, so fish and seafood have been a staple in my diet for as long as I can remember. Growing up, my Mom used to buy me the Gorton's flavored fish filets that can bake in the oven or nuke in the microwave and I loved them. While browsing through the frozen foods aisle the other day, I was reunited with the Gorton's filets and assumed that they would be too high in points and that they were out of the question. I pulled out my handy points calculator (I take it everywhere) and to my surprise, the filets were only 2 points each! They come in a bunch of flavors like Lemon Butter, Garlic Butter or even plain so you can add your own seasonings. Plus, you just stick it in the oven or microwave and you have a quick, flavorful and healthy meal. 

I made one of the the filets tonight along with some whole wheat pasta and steamed veggies for a tasty and filling dinner. I also cooked an extra serving of pasta and chopped an extra serving of vegetables so that I can save myself some time and make this meal again Thursday night. Here's my daily menu since it's been a while... 

-1 1/2 cups Honey Bunches of Oats cereal
-1 cup fat free milk 

-2 oz turkey breast on whole grain white bread with 1 slice havarti cheese, 2 slices of tomato, and 1 tsp fat free mayo and dijon mustard
-1/2 cup sugar free mixed fruit jello 
-Diet Dr. Pepper 

-1 serving Stacy's Simply Naked Pita Chips 

-1 Lemon Garlic Gorton's fish filet 
-2 oz high fiber pasta with 1 tsp light butter 
-2 cups steamed zucchini and yellow squash 
-Diet Dr. Pepper   

-Sugar free jello chocolate pudding
-herbal tea with Splenda

Happy Veteran's Day

I always look forward to Veteran's Day because 1) its a great holiday that recognizes brave people and their selfless acts of courage, and 2) its my brothers' birthday, so happy birthday Steven & Paul and thank you to all the former and active duty troops. 

I started off the morning by taking the dog on a 20 minute walk and then heading to the grocery store. I find that I make good food choices and save money when I make a grocery list and stick to it. I plan out my meals and snacks for the week, so I'm only buying the food I really need which saves time and money. This week was a lot of fresh fruits and veggies, frozen vegetables, yogurt, fat free milk, lean turkey bacon and lunch meat, reduced fat cheese, eggs, canned beans and high fiber pasta and bread. 

Things on the menu for this week include:
-Lemon Garlic fish filets with high fiber pasta and steamed zucchini and yellow squash
-Mexican Enchilada casserole with salad and fat free dressing
-Shrimp and vegetable stir fry with rice 

The good thing about these meals is that I can make enough for two meals and use the leftovers for lunch or another dinner. I save money by stretching the food and I save time by only cooking once and having the points value of my food already figured out. I can also keep my meals interesting by rotating new recipes in each week, especially quick, cheap and easy meals like spaghetti or turkey tacos. 

Monday, November 10, 2008

Long weekends make for bad eating....

This has been a little bit of a crazy week with a lot of ups and downs. The good news is that my sister delivered a healthy, beautiful baby boy named Tristan Matthew on Friday and he couldn't be more perfect! We've been anxiously awaiting his arrival and I'm so glad that he's finally here! However, his arrival also meant some celebratory eating. I made a good choice of ordering stir fry shrimp and vegetables, but then I spilt some German Chocolate Cake and Coconut Cake with my Mom & sister which negated the good entree choice. 

The bad news is that my dog (technically my roommate's but I love her like my own) was diagnosed with Lyme's Disease and allergies. Luckily they have her on medication and she should be back to her old self soon. A friend of mine was also admitted to the hospital with a potentially life threatening condition and even though he'll be OK, I feel bad for all of the stress he's under right now. After visiting him the other night, I made an emotional eating run to Taco Bell. 

I've taken today off from work and I have tomorrow off for Veteran's Day, so I'm trying to stay on track even though long weekends are dangerous for me because I'm not on my usual "feeding" schedule where I plan my meals and eat at the same times everyday. I've got my usual weigh in on Wednesday and so far the scale is telling me that I'm right on track to have the loss I'm looking for this week. Let's keep our fingers crossed..... 

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Small Weigh-In Victory!

At today's weigh-in I was down another 1.8 lbs, for a total loss of 11.8 lbs in 7 weeks, which is a healthy pace. I'm very excited because I'm only 5.2 lbs from my 10% target goal. One of the goals I made yesterday was to get to my 10% target goal in the next 3 weeks, or by Thanksgiving. That means I would need to lose about 1.7 lbs each week which is a very reasonable loss.

To keep my momentum, I've decided to set another goal of losing 25 lbs total by Christmas (or 13.2 lbs over the next 7 weeks). If I can do that, then I'll be only 16 lbs away from my goal weight, which I want to reach by April 1st. I think with hard work, determination, and some serious time in the gym I can reach these "milestones" I have set for myself.

Keep checking back to see how I'm doing!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Setting some new goals

It's been a little since I've done this, so I'm making some new goals to help stay focused. One of my goals was to be down 2 lbs at weigh in tomorrow, so we'll see how that one goes.... and I joined my gym after my trial membership, so I want to get in some good workouts too.

1) Get to my 10% weight in the next three weeks (6 lbs).
2) Work out at least 5 days a week (cardio, weights, Pilates or a combo therein).
3) Eat the food I have in my house and not buy more or eat out.
4) Try a class at the gym (like Spinning, which I love!)
5) Eat breakfast everyday!

Slacking a little bit....

I apologize for not blogging more religiously lately, but I'm promise I've still been working hard and continuing on my quest to lose......

I've got weigh in tomorrow, hoping to be down about 2 lbs, so keep your fingers crossed for me. I haven't been the best this week in terms of food choices, but it seems to all be evening out. Eat something bad one day, work that much harder the next to make sure I didn't totally slip up.

So here is today's plan so far, with breakfast and lunch already done for the day....

B: Low sugar oatmeal, water

L: Turkey breast, cheese and fat free mayo on a high fiber wrap
- 1 sliced red pepper
-1 cup sliced strawberries
-1 medium banana
-100 calorie Jello pudding

S: 94% fat free popcorn
-1 kiwi

D: Chicken enchiladas with cheese, black beans and corn
-green salad w/ light dressing

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Weigh In Victory!

Today at weigh in I was down another 1.6 lbs, despite my poor food choices this week, lack of working out, and alcohol consumption. That brings my total loss to exactly 10 lbs in 6 weeks! I'm hoping to continue at this pace and hit my 10% in 2 weeks and my goal by the end of the year. While I still lost this week, it wasn't as much as I wanted, and I'd like to continue to lose at least 2 lbs every week from here on out. I just need to stick to the plan, get my butt in the gym, and stay motivated....... 

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Back On Track

I've been in software training for the past two days, but it's given me the opportunity to really get back to planning my snacks and meals ahead of time and making healthy choices. 

-Tea w/ Splenda
-Mini Clif bar

-Tuna salad w/ 12 Club Crackers
-1 sliced red pepper
-1 kiwi

-100 calorie Jello pudding 

-1 Sea Bass filet 
-steamed zucchini & yellow squash
-mix of brown & wild rice 

I'm planning on either hitting the gym tonight or doing Pilates at home, so dessert will probably be a Mini Clif bar or piece of fruit leather. 

Monday, October 27, 2008

A Little Hiatus...

I haven't been on for a few days, but I had a great weekend filled with family, friends, and unfortunately FOOD. Friday night was a Halloween party thrown by one of my favorite couples where I had 2 glasses of wine, 2 beers, and some snacks I should not have eaten. However, I may have made up for it with activity points earned from dancing and singing karaoke... : ) Not the best choices I ever made, but I had the flex points for it and I had a ton of fun with some great people. As you can see, I went as Sarah Palin and I'm joined by Mary as Victoria Beckham. 

Saturday night was a great friend's birthday, so her boyfriend invited us to a birthday dinner at a Mexican restaurant followed by a trip to the bar. After spending the entire day sleeping after the Halloween party, I hadn't had a thing to eat until dinner. Chips, salsa, cheese enchiladas and a jumbo margarita ended up being my supper followed by 2 beers at the bar afterwards. I did get some dancing in, so that may have been my saving grace : ) Again, another great night with great friends (picture with the birthday girl). 

Sunday was spent cleaning, doing laundry and spending time with my family and later some friends. Breakfast was a Smart Ones Breakfast Sandwich, but when lunch rolled around, I just wasn't hungry. I ate dinner at yet another Mexican restaurant with my parents and got a chicken burrito with chips and salsa. Later that night, I met up with two friends at a sports bar and had 2 beers, but managed to stay away from the wings! I guess I drank my lunch points! 

I've got weigh in on Wednesday, so we'll see how the scale looks. I've gotta get back in the gym tomorrow, recommit myself and stick to my goals.  Here's today's menu:

-Tea w/ Splenda
-Mini Clif Bar 

-Smart Ones Pasta Primavera
-Sliced red bell pepper
-cucumber slices
-100 calorie pack Jello pudding

-Baked Tostitos

-Whole wheat pasta with zucchini, squash and mushrooms in a lemon garlic sauce

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Daily Menu 10/23/08

-tea w/ Splenda
-1/2 cup red grapefruit

-Chicken Ranch Wrap, dressing on the side
-green beans & carrots

Pre-workout snack:
-Mini Clif Bar

-Whole wheat pasta with zucchini & yellow squash

-100 calorie pack Jello pudding


I've decided to add Pilates to my usual workout routine of cardio and strength training to mix it up a little bit. Pilates is also a great way to increase flexibility and balance, maximize toning and improve posture. For me, the best part of Pilates is that it emphasizes the use of your "powerhouse" or your core to strengthen and tone your abs. I also love the soothing, controlled motions of Pilates that remind me of yoga.

At Target last night, I found a set of Pilates DVD's and equipment by Gaiman that included body bands (resistance bands). After dinner, I rolled out my mat and did the basic workout to refresh my memory on Pilates basics (breathing, stance, etc) and then moved on the the body band workout which incorporates resistance training with traditional Pilates moves to increase strength and toning. Afterwards I felt relaxed and like I'd gotten in a great full body stretch. I actually felt a little bit taller after I was finished!

I plan on doing the body band routine again tonight after cardio at the gym. I would highly suggest Pilates to anyone, especially people who have bad joints and can't do high impact cardio. I'll be back later with the daily menu!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Just came back from weigh in a little while ago, and I was down 3.6 lbs this week!! I thought for sure that my cheeseburger had sabotaged me, but I guess my running last night paid off! I feel even more committed that ever to my progress, and I only have 6.7 lbs til I hit my 10% goal. So now I'm going to set some new goals for this week since this seemed to work!

1) Lose at least 3 lbs this week
2) Stay within my points everyday (except Saturday, when I'll use some flex points for a friend's birthday dinner).
3) Work out at least five days this week
4) Keep drinking more water!!

I did see something at my weigh in today that was a little disappointing. The girl who weighed in in front of me stepped on the scale, placed her hands on the counter in front of her and raised herself up. At first I was outraged that she did this and wanted to scream "CHEATER!!", but then I thought, She's only hurting herself. We all do things to try to "trick" the scale on weigh in days- I only drink tea before weigh in, I take off my belt, I pee right before I get weighed, etc., but I actually felt bad for this girl, because she is lying to herself. I just wish that she would realize that the plan does work- when you follow it.

So far, today's food has been:

-tea w/ Splenda- 0

Post Weigh-in snack:
-Pretzel thins- 2

-Smart Ones Chicken Enchiladas- 6
-Green salad w/ light ranch- 1
-Lite Arnold Palmer Tea- 3

Afternoon Snack:
-Red grapefruit -1

-Whole wheat pasta -3
-Light Alfredo- 2
-Zucchini & yellow squash -0

-100 Calorie pack jello pudding-2

Still leaves 4 points, and I'll be going to the gym tonight again for running and upper body weights.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Approaching the moment of truth....

I've got weigh in tomorrow and my goal was to be down  2 lbs. I've been making really good food choices, working out, and sticking to the plan all week, but I'm a little worried that I may have sabotaged myself today. We went to Hooter's for a coworker's birthday and I love the food at Hooter's. I decided to go with a cheeseburger, no mayo, no fries. I hadn't had any breakfast, so I had a whole day's worth of points ahead of me to use. Even though I stayed in within my points today (the burger took 14 of my 24 points) and ran for 30 minutes tonight, I can't help but feel a little guilty for eating the cheeseburger the day before weigh in.  I guess the scale tomorrow will let me know just how guilty I should feel, so I'll check back in with my results tomorrow. 

Monday, October 20, 2008

Checking in on my goals for this week

Earlier in the week, I made a few goals for myself, so I figured that I would check back in on the goals for accountability:

1. Lose at least 2 pounds this week
-WI isn't til Wednesday, but I still weigh myself every night and every morning. As of this morning, we are right on track!
2. Stay within my points everyday and not dip into my flex points
-With the activity points I've earned so far, I've stayed within my points everyday.
3. Work out at least 5 days this week
-I've gotten in workouts on Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday and I'll be going tomorrow and Tuesday as well!
4. Make some new dishes that I can make and eat throughout the week
-I'm making the Weight Watchers Tuna Noodle Casserole recipe tonight, so I'm crossing my fingers that I actually like it and can eat it the rest of the week.
5: Drink more water!!
-This is my downfall..... I just can't seem to get in 8 glasses a day! Especially now that it's getting cold.

My meals today have been really good- I'm trying to use up some of the Smart Ones meals that are taking up room in my freezer.

-Smart Ones English muffin sandwich
-tea with Splenda

-Smart Ones Chicken Enchiladas Suiza
-Green salad with light ranch dressing

-1 cup red grapefruit

-1/2 whole wheat bagel with 1 tsp light butter

-Tuna Noodle Casserole
-Green salad with light dressing
-iced tea (unsweet)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Snacks at the movies

I had a great start to a cold morning with a warm bowl of oatmeal and an hour in the gym (30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of upper body). But the temptation of the day looming ahead is going to the movies. I'm very excited to see the movie (The Duchess) and spending some quality time with my friends, but I'm afraid of the popcorn with extra butter and the candy that lies ahead. So to combat the temptation, I'm going prepared with my own snacks, to both stay on plan and not spend $8.00 on a bottle of water. I'm packing a mini bag of 94% fat free popcorn, a 1 point dark chocolate raspberry mini bar and a huge bottle of water. Thank god I carry a huge purse to hide all this stuff in so I don't get thrown out of the theatre! 

For lunch I'm having tuna salad (made with fat free mayo of course), a sliced red bell pepper and a few club crackers. Dinner is looking like tomato sauce over spaghetti squash with mixed vegetables (red pepper, asparagus, yellow squash and zucchini). 

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Back from the gym

I just got back from the gym a little while ago, and I have to say that I actually loved it. I had to leave because they were about to close! I can't wait to get back in tomorrow morning and do both cardio and weights. I'm on my two week trial membership right now (because thanks to my last gym I have commitment issues!) but I'm pretty confident that I'll get a membership because I'm really happy with this gym. 

My challenge for the day was lunch. I had two scrambled eggs, a light english muffin and tea with Splenda for breakfast but then Mom & Dad wanted to go to a Chinese restaurant for lunch- one with a buffet. Rather than diving face first into egg rolls and sweet & sour sauce, I got vegetables, a little vegetable lo mein, and egg drop soup. I'm in Week 4 of the plan right now, so I feel like my ability to make good food choices is becoming second nature. 

Dinner is looking like a big green salad with fat free dressing and a Smart Ones frozen meal. After a very early morning and some manual labor, I'm looking forward to a lazy Saturday night with the book I'm reading and maybe a movie. 

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A random mix of things...

Today is Mom's birthday, so "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!" I was feeling funny when I woke up this morning, so I didn't eat any breakfast. I met Mom for lunch at California Pizza Kitchen where we spilt the Veggie Pizza on honey wheat dough. Even though we were supposed to be celebrating, I didn't feel like eating and ate something even though I didn't want to. When I got back to work, I still wasn't feeling well and eventually came home from work early, which bummed me because I missed shooting trap with my coworkers. 

Dinner consisted of 4 Morningstar Farms Mini-Corn Dogs (vegetarian, but still delicious) and I'm not sure if I'll have anything else tonight. I just plan on relaxing, sipping some tea and reading my book. The most important thing to remember is that just because I only used 10 of 24 points today, I don't get to eat the other 14 points tomorrow!! :) 

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My other blog....

Hey everyone- 

Just wanted to let you know that I'm blogging for the local paper where I grew up, the Fauquier Times Democrat. It's not necessarily about weight loss, but it's called Twenty-something and is about the typical issues facing people in their 20's- work, a social life, relationships, balancing everything in life.... 

So check it out and let me know what you think! I'll be posting 2 or 3 times a week! 

Goals for next week....

I am more determined than ever after losing just one lb this week.... so, to refoucs myself, I've decided to make some new goals for myself this week (Wednesday through Wednesday):

1. Lose at least 2 pounds this week
2. Stay within my points everyday and not dip into my flex points
3. Work out at least 5 days this week
4. Make some new dishes that I can make and eat throughout the week
5: Drink more water!!

I've decided that I am going to join Washington Sports Club, so I've got to go in and pick up my 7 day pass and then begin my membership... that should help me achieve my workout and weightloss goals.

I've reintroduced the candy bowl at my desk and I also baked White Chocolate Macadamia nut cookies last night to bring into work. Luckily for me, I don't really like candy or cookies (I'm more of a potato chip/mac n' cheese girl) so I'm not tempted by it. But some people brought in Dunkin' Donuts this morning and it took serious will power to resist..... had it not been for weigh in today, I may have jumped into the donut box face first!

A Small Weigh-In Victory!

Let me start by saying that I weighed in at the noon meeting today rather than the 5:30 meeting so I can play volleyball tonight with my coworkers (which is high intensity when you play with these people!). I went into my weigh in a little bit skeptical because I went out to eat three times this week, and two of these times I made VERY bad food choices. I was still religiously on plan the rest of the time, but it wasn't enough to convince me that my weigh in was going to go well. I set myself up for disappointment, expecting the worst. However, I was down exactly 1 lb! Not as much as I would have liked, but it's one pound less than I was a week ago. After this small victory, I was excited to eat my lunch after a liquid breakfast (always trying to trick the scale.....).

With that said, I've still got my meals planned for the day.

-1 glass Light & Fit orange juice
-1 cup herbal tea with Splenda

-6 inch veggie sub with fat free mayo (but regular cheese)
-Baked Lays

Afternoon Snack: (pre-volleyball nourishment)
-1 sliced bell pepper
-1/4 of a canteloupe
-fat free yogurt

-Spaghetti squash with ground turkey and tomato sauce
-green salad with fat free dressing

-100 calorie Devil's Food pudding
-1 glass fat free milk

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Menu 10/14/08

I've got weigh in tomorrow morning, so I'm keeping it extra light today with lots of fruits & veggies.

-1 glass fat free milk
-1/2 cup strawberries
-1/2 cup red grapefruit
-1 packet low sugar apples and cinnamon oatmeal

Morning Snack:
-fat free vanilla yogurt
-1/4 canteloupe

-Balsamic Chicken & mushrooms w/ brown rice (leftovers from last night)
-Green salad w. FF dressing

Afternoon Snack:
-1 red bell pepper w/ FF ranch dip

-Pasta Primavera (Smart taste pasta with zucchini, yellow squash, carrots, aspargus and red pepper and 1/2 cup light alfredo)
-green salad w. FF dressing

-100 calorie pack Devil's Food pudding

Monday, October 13, 2008

Menu 10/13/08

I'm getting to this a little late, but better late than never I guess..... 

-1 glass Light n' Fit OJ (wasn't hungry)

-Chicken wrap at Champps with ranch on the side
-grilled veggies instead of fries

-Balsamic Chicken with mushrooms (WW recipe) 
-Brown rice 

-100 calorie Devils Food Jello pudding
-glass of fat free milk

Weigh in is Wednesday, but I'm weighing myself Wednesday morning instead of going to the meeting so I can play volleyball. Hopefully I'll be down 2 lbs. 

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lazy Sundays and Skinny Lattes

For those of you who don't know what a skinny latte is, it's a flavored latte made with non-fat milk and sugar free syrup. Not as good as the original, but it definitely hits the spot for me. Whenever I have one of these for breakfast, I'm usually not hungry til lunchtime. I'm not a big coffee drinker by any means, but sometimes I want a warm beverage in the morning to wake me up, especially on weekends when I'm running my morning errands. So this morning as I'm strolling around Target looking for a dog bed and a fall wreath for the front door, I found a lot of comfort in my skinny latte knowing that I could have my delicious drink and not feel bad about it (only 3 pts). 

I'm going to take my measurements today to start tracking not only how much weight I lose, but how many inches I'm losing. With almost 8 lbs lost already, my clothes are fitting better, so I thought measurements might be a good thing to keep track of too. 

I'm still debating about whether or not I should keep attending WW meetings or just do the online version where you weigh yourself each week. Online is cheaper and I'm not really finding much motivation in my meetings thanks to a few women who feel that the meeting should focus on how they're not losing weight and take up the entire time with their comments and opinions. I'd like to be supportive of everyone at the meetings, but its hard when a few select people make the experience a chore for the rest of us..... 

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Trip to the Grocery Store.....

For most people, the grocery store isn't the Devil. But for me, it's a real threat. I have to carefully dodge the aisles and sections that are dangerous for me like the potato chip aisle, the mac n' cheese section and the frozen pizzas so that I'm not tempted to fill my basket with things I shouldn't be eating. 

I've come to love the produce section, and at Wegman's, how could I not? Never before have I seen such fresh, quality produce that actually makes we WANT to eat tons of veggies. I've started planning my meals in advance, making grocery lists and STICKING TO THEM!! 

Part of my battle is my own fridge. My roommate eats pretty healthy, but last night I came home to half of a chocolate cake in the fridge..... thankfully I had the willpower not to touch it. 

So tonight I'm relaxing, planning my meals for the upcoming week, munching on 94% fat free popcorn and watching UFC.  

Great meal last night

Mary and I went to Carmello's last night, one my favorite restaurants. I saved up my flex points so I could splurge...... I had three glasses of chianti, 3 small pieces of bread with butter, 1/2 of my pasta (cheese tortellini in a cream rosa sauce with shrimp & mushrooms) and split a piece of cheesecake with Mary. It's more then I wanted to eat, but it was sooooooo good. I'll just have to get in the gym today, work it off, and stay on plan to the tee for the rest of the week.  

Not sure what will be on the menu for today....... 

-1 scrambled egg
-3 slices turkey bacon 
-2 slices WW toast w/ light butter 

-left over veggie pizza on honey wheat crust 

-not sure yet... maybe tuna salad or Smart Ones frozen meal with salad

Friday, October 10, 2008

California Pizza Kitchen

I went to CPK with some coworkers today (who kindly asked me if it was Weight Watchers friendly) and had some really great, low point pizza. I got the Vegetarian with Japanese Eggplant pizza, but on the honey wheat crust and it was delicious! It already had eggplant, broccoli, mushrooms and roasted corn, but I added black olives and green pepper. Plus, the pizza is smaller than others that CPK makes, so I could eat three pieces because they were so little. Now I have enough left over for dinner! :)

Menu 10/10/08

Happy Friday! Volleyball last night was so fun but I was definitely sore this morning :) Can't wait to do it again next week, it's like working out with out even knowing it!

So here's the planned menu for today, I'm excited about getting to drink some wine with Mary tonight!

-Smart Ones breakfast sandwich
-Low sugar Oatmeal
-Non-fat, sugar free Vanilla latte

Lunch: Going to California Pizza Kitchen with Patty!
-Veggie pizza on whole wheat thin crust
-side salad w/ FF dressing

-Smart Ones frozen meal
-some type of veggie (I've got a lot in the freezer)

Dessert: WINE!!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Not Hungry!!

I have so surprised today by the fact that I have not really been hungry. I have not needed a snack until now (not a surprise because it's 4 o'clock!). I'm sure that I'll be starving by the time I get done playing volleyball tonight but hopefully I won't be tempted to chow down at Fudrucker's with everyone else. I'm hoping to just have one beer and head home to make dinner. But I'll earn a few activity points with volleyball, so I may treat myself to another 1 point Chocolate Rasberry mini-bar tonight for dessert. Soooooo good!!

Menu 10/09/08

Even though I'd love to eat a box of Velveeta Shells n' Cheese after my weigh in victory last night, I resisted the urge and I'm eating my leftovers today. I'm still working on the package of ground turkey I bought!

-Breakfast burrito with whole wheat wrap, 1 egg, 2 slices turkey bacon and 1 slice low fat provolone with a glass of fat free milk.

-Turkey taco salad (no shell) - using my leftovers from last night

-Smart taste pasta with ground turkey meat sauce
-green salad with fat free dressing

-Possibly meeting up with coworkers for a beer- light beer of course!

Not sure what I'll do for snacks today, possibly some fat free yogurt or unsweetened applesauce.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Great night at weigh in!

I had my week 3 weigh in tonight, and I was down 4 lbs!! I'm so excited because I've been sticking to my plan religiously and my hard work is paying off! 

Now it's off to walk the dog to get my activity points for the day. And my turkey tacos were delicious and filling :0) 

Menu 10/8/08

So, here's the game plan for today! I have my weigh in tonight at 5:30, and I'm hoping to be down at least 4 lbs.

-Smart Ones Breakfast Egg & Cheese muffin -4 pts
-1 cup red grapefruit - 1pt

-Turkey, LF provolone, FF mayo, lettuce & tomato on a whole wheat wrap - 3.5 pts
-1 cup steamed asapargus - 0 pts
-FF yogurt - 1 pt

-1 Kiwi - 0.5 pts

-Turkey Tacos with lettuce, salsa, FF cheddar, FF sour cream and FF refried beans on whole wheat tortillas - 10 pts for two tacos

-Weight Watchers Chocolate Rasperry mini bar -1 pt

Total: 23/24 points

I'm going to make extra taco meat for lunch tomorrow and save the rest of the ground turkey for meat sauce for tomorrow's dinner and Friday's lunch.

Excercise for the day will be walking the dog for 30 minutes after dinner.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Back in the gym!

After weeks of talking about it, I finally went to the gym with Christina tonight. We spent 30 minutes on the treadmill, which was plenty since I haven't worked out in a while and because my shoulder is incredibly sore from shooting trap with a 12 gauge today... the good news is that I shot pretty well! Anyways, getting back in the gym felt great and having Christina for a workout partner made it more enjoyable. I'm going to use a one week pass before I commit, only because it's $45 a month for a two year membership and I have access to two free (but not so great) gyms at work and in my apt complex. The upside to the gym is better equipment, more equipment and lots of different classes to take. I'm pretty sure that I'll join- the gym is really nice with all of the equipment I'm looking for to get back into my routine and maybe incorporate some new things. So, thanks Christina for getting my ass in the gym! 

PS- the Shrimp Scampi was really good, but you may want to use less lemon juice (1/2 cup total rather than 1 cup) because it's REALLY lemony!

Lemon-garlic shrimp recipe

This one is kind of like a healthy shrimp scampi. I know that I could never give up pasta, so I've been using either Barilla Plus (4 points per serving) or Ronzoni Smart Taste (3 points per serving), which has the same nutritional value as whole wheat pasta and tastes better in my opinion. I choose to add asparagus to this, but zucchini, peas, or green beans would be good too.

Lemon-garlic shrimp- 7 points per serving, including pasta and vegetables
Serves 1~Prep time: 5 minute~Cook time: 10 minutes

-3 oz cooked shrimp, defrosted with tails off
-1 clove garlic, minced
-1/8 cup white onion, finely chopped
- 1 cup lemon juice
-1 tsp garlic powder
-2 tsp lemon zest
-1 tsp olive oil
-1 cup Smart Taste pasta
-1 cup asparagus, steamed

Cook pasta according to directions and steam asparagus to desired firmness (I sprinkle mine with sea salt and garlic powder before steaming). Over medium high heat, cook garlic and onion in olive oil until soft. Add shrimp, 1/2 cup of lemon juice and garlic powder and cook over medium high heat until shrimp is pink. Toss contents of skillet with pasta, lemon zest and remaining 1/2 cup of lemon juice. Asparagus can be added to pasta or served separately.

Menu 10/7/08

So, here's what I have eaten today and will eat later. This was my first time eating a whole wheat bagel and fat free cream cheese rather than a regular bagel and the "good" cream cheese, and I wasn't exactly crazy about it. I guess I just have to get used to the taste... maybe low fat cream cheese would be better. I'm still getting used to drinking milk too, it's never been one of my favorites....

-1/2 whole wheat bagel w/ 2tsp fat free cream cheese
-1 glass fat free milk
-1 cup tea with Splenda

Morning Snack:
-Weight Watchers fat free yogurt

-leftover Eggplant Rollatini from last night (even more delicious the 2nd day!)
-green salad with 1 tsp shredded cheese and fat free balsamic dressing
-1 bottle of water

Afternoon Snack:
-small banana

-Lemon-garlic shrimp with whole wheat pasta and asparagus (recipe to follow later)

I'll probably use my extra points to have some honeydew melon or a kiwi for dessert. My goal for the rest of the day is to keep drinking water, I'm not drinking nearly enough! I was happy with the scale this morning, so lets hope that it reads the same (or less) at weigh in tomorrow!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Eggplant Rollatini Recipe

So here's the delicious recipe that I made tonight for dinner.... I did rip it off from the Weight Watchers' site, but I tweaked it a little! And only 4 WW Points......

Eggplant Rollatini
Serves 2~Prep time 5 minutes~Cook time 20 minutes

-1 medium eggplant 
-1/4 cup diced onion
-2 cloves garlic, minced
-1 tsp olive oil 
-1/2 tsp salt
-1/2 tsp garlic powder
-1 large egg 
-1/2 cup part skim ricotta
-1 oz part skim mozzarella cheese
-1 tbsp grated Parmesan cheese
-1/8 cup parsley, chopped
-1 1/2 cups Ragu Old World Style Traditional Tomato Sauce

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Place sliced eggplant on a baking sheet sprayed with Pam. Bake for about 8 minutes, then flip eggplant. Bake for 8 more minutes and set aside. Meanwhile, add olive oil, garlic and onions to a small skillet and cook over medium high heat til soft. Combine ricotta, egg, salt, garlic powder, parsley, garlic and onion to make filling. With the oven still set to 400 degrees, spread 1/2 cup of tomato sauce in the bottom of a baking dish. Take 2 tbsp of the filling and place it on the eggplant slices, then roll. Place rolls seam side down in baking dish and top with remaining sauce, mozzarella and parmesan. Bake at 400 degrees for about 10 minutes or until cheese is melted and sauce is bubbly. Serve with pasta and side of vegetables. Makes 4 small rolls, 2 rolls is one serving. 

Menu 10/06/08

Today's menu was pretty straight forward, but I didn't find myself hungry today. I also tried a new recipe for dinner which was delicious (and only 4 points!). I'm finding that planning my meals has helped me stay within my daily points (24) and use the food I have in my fridge. 

Breakfast Burrito 
-1 scrambled egg
-3 slices turkey bacon
-1 slice low fat provolone
-Whole wheat tortilla
-1 glass fat free milk 

-Turkey Sandwich with fat free mayo, low fat provolone and tomato 
-1 sliced red bell pepper 
-1 banana
-1 Diet Coke 

- 1 cup honeydew melon 

-Eggplant Rollatini (recipe to follow later) 
-Barilla Plus Pasta 
-1 cup peas

-Fat free yogurt

I've got my weigh in on Wednesday night, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be down at least 3 lbs from last week. 

Getting this started....

So to give everyone a little background about why I'm starting this blog, I'll start by saying this is not your average weight loss story. There will be no boo-hooing, poor me, sad fat girl stuff on this blog. I have always been the skinny girl- I never struggled with my weight. I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted and never really gave it two thoughts. I was always involved in sports, so working out was just part of my everyday routine. It wasn't until about a year ago that I noticed the weight was slowing adding up. My slowing metabolism and lack of involvement in sports after college had taken a toll on my body and my health. When I would try to work out, I didn't have the endurance to keep up with the types of activity that I was used to. After a year of sporadic dieting and exercising for a few weeks at a time, I decided to get serious and make a commitment to being healthy, not just losing weight. So, I'm using this blog a journal, to track my progress, my successes and my setbacks. Maybe my methods will work for some other people, maybe other people will have suggestions to help me. I'm using Weight Watchers to help me with my food choices, so you'll see me tracking points and logging my weekly weigh-ins. Each day I'll be posting my daily menu and my activity for accountability. I'll also post some of my favorite low-fat, low-calories recipes and meal ideas. I may include some off topic posts too, so thanks for checking in and check back!