Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Spice it up!

I have a new food obsession..... salsa! I've always loved spicy food, but lately I've been wanting spicy food all the time. Since Mexican food isn't very figure friendly, I bought a large container of salsa from my favorite Mexican restaurant. I've been putting it on everything.... scrambled eggs, baked potatoes, using it as salad dressing and eating it with high fiber tortilla chips. The best part is that it's 0 points, and it really hits the spot when I want to eat something full of flavor. To me, eating bland food is like eating nothing at all... you're still hungry after you eat because your food didn't satisfy you in terms of taste. For me, salsa is a great way to satisfy that need for flavorful food. Plus, I'm buying it fresh since my favorite Mexican place makes it daily. That means no added preservatives, sodium or other nasty stuff. 

I've got weigh in tomorrow, and quite frankly I'm not looking forward to it. Even though the scale was looking great a few days ago, I think that I took that as a sign to start eating. I went out to dinner Sunday night and Monday night and didn't make stellar food choices. I also had a work related Christmas luncheon at P.F. Chang's today..... it's like giving Superman some Kryptonite. My boss always orders appetizers for us, so I went with one lettuce wrap which is very low in points. But then the spring rolls were staring at me, so I had half of one. For my entree I had the lunch portion of the shrimp with lobster sauce and brown rice, accompanied by egg drop soup. All very "points friendly." So I'm not doing too bad, right? WRONG. My boss also makes us order dessert, so rather than getting a full sized piece of chocolate cake, I got the mini-shooter style chocolate cake dessert. More than I wanted to eat, but I committed the cardinal sin of not eating breakfast this morning and felt more hungry than usual. 

So dinner ended up being a baked potato with spray butter, light sour cream, reduced fat cheese and of course, salsa. Hopefully I'll get some sleep tonight, but between nerves about starting my new job tomorrow and drinking about 3 gallons of water today, who knows! 

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